Download Privacy Related Data Securely Freeware

4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE  v.1.01

4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite sends and receives your private data securely hidden in images of various types. You can use your birthday photo or landscape picture to send some important message to your friend or colegue securely.

IDEA! Free Edition  v.

Highly flexible knowledge organizer and collaboration tool for the smallest project to the largest enterprise. Organize ideas, thoughts, questions, key information and related data in a simple, fast and efficient way during your daily work.

SeoQuake for Safari  v.0.1.2

SeoQuake is a useful Safari extension that will display multiple SEO-related data about the websites you are visiting. SeoQuake helps to obtain an information about any site for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and

Safe XP  v.

Safe XP is a *FREE* software to allow users to quickly tweak various security and privacy related settings in XP. The options include Media Player settings, Services settings (error reporting, time synch, remote registry etc.), as well as and option

Genea  v.rc

Genea is an database-driven application for storing person-related data of whole regions and creating family-trees. These can be printed, saved as image-files and exchange with other genealogy-applications utilizing the

Insulin Buddy  v.1.0

Insulin Buddy is diabetes management software. It allows for quick and painless entry of all diabetes-related data (blood blucose, carbohydrate consumption, insulin doses, etc) and provides a number of reports, charts and data exports to easily keep

OrkAPI - Ork Reports as Java Classes  v.20070921

The central aim of OrkAPI is to be an interface to any kind of Ork-related data within Java. It also features a GUI that can assist in creating a move and inspecting the collected data. There are many points to extend OrkAPI with "Plugin"

Sprite Hut  v.1.0

A sprite editor with a twist: you can export sprite-related data along with animation individual frames or sprite

TagCentric  v.1.0

TagCentric is RFID middleware that controls heterogeneous RFID devices and gathers RFID-related data into a user-specified database. It's cost (free!) and simplicity make it ideal for use by small businesses, RFID testing facilities, and

The Sharemind framework  v.1.91

Sharemind is a framework for developing secure and privacy preserving data mining applications. The work is done in the University of Tartu and AS

Workrecord  v.0.0.3

client-server system for recording work hours (and all other work related data such as work summary, project worked at, some kind of diary, etc) based on client ip, cookies, etc, with strong reporting

Ibiosearch  v.1.0

iBioSearch is an integrated metasearch system for searching biology related data on the Web. It uses an integrated biological search ontology as the user inteface. Search results are extracted from more than 1000 biological online databases.

DiffGen  v.1.0

Privacy-preserving data publishing addresses the problem of disclosing sensitive data when mining for useful information. Among existing privacy models, epsilon-differential privacy provides one of the strongest privacy guarantees and has no ...

Flex LIMS  v.1.0

Flex LIMS provides a flexible alternative to manage and track experiments, samples, results, files, and related data for any laboratory screening effort. Its strong API allows for rapid creation of new GUI using choice of programming language and DBMS.

OpenJODA - Diabetes Management  v.1.0

OpenJODA is a management software for diabetics. It combines a diary for all diabetic related data and an analyzing part. The input of the data can be done manually or over a direct connection to a Blood Glucose Meter.

GeoCity  v.1.0

GeoCity is a map maker with the possibility to use dynamic HTML Forms to collect geographic data and share this information with other users. It uses the Google Maps API for creation and management of geographic elements and related data.

Pirate Thursaday  v.1.0

Pirate Thursday, despite the name, is an asymmetric cryptography program that allows users to encrypt data securely, and send it via email, or throughout the internet. Pirate Thursday is written in 100% pure Python, and uses RSA to encrypt messages.

CompanyData  v.1.0

Cross-platform Java API and example applications to query company related data such as phonenumbers, website addresses, physical addresses etc.

TwistedRPG  v.1.0

TwistedRPG enables an Apache server to host play-by-post games, with blog-like game threads, and web-based chat rooms. Integrated chat speeds game play, Game-related data is stored as text files, simplifying modifications and backups.

MICR Tools  v.1.0.beta1

MICR Tools is a java library dedicated to parsing check MICR data, repair of MICR, and other utilities for dealing with various MICR-related data. Check21-specific utilities include scanner character repair and an X9.37 compliant file framework.

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